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Writing a LSAT Addendum for Law School Application

Why You Might Require an Addendum?

lsat addendumThe Law School Admission Test is designed to rank students in terms of aptitude to legal studies. Many law schools place strong emphasis on it and selection boards use it as a primary evaluation tool. They also know that the LSAT is not fool proof and otherwise strong candidates can have scores not reflecting their ability. A neat and correctly written addendum which clearly explains any poor result will show you as a serious applicant and remove any doubts about you. You must explain the negative well, or contrast it with strong positives elsewhere. At first attempt it is not easy to prepare a good LSAT addendum as well as an LLM personal statement but you can get help from a professional online service like ours.

Guidelines for Submitting Your Best LSAT Addendum

  • Is it necessary? Before beginning to prepare the addendum ask yourself if it is absolutely needed. Consult with teachers or an online service regards your negative aspects. Occasional blips in performance are normal and will not be judged harshly by law schools, especially if they are balanced by excellent academic performance elsewhere. Do not focus attention unnecessarily. If you definitely need a law school addendum LSAT type then it must be a good one.
  • What is your argument? You can balance negative LSAT score with various positives. Isolated cases can be easily contrasted with more recent improved results. For generally low LSAT results you can balance them against a good GPA and undergraduate standards. Many people excel in academic environments but fail at standardized tests. If you are below average in both your LSAT and GPA, with no strong personal explanation, then you must be able to counter with excellent testimonials from respected law professionals plus a notable period of legal work.
  • How a good quality LSAT addendum is written? Stick to the style of a legal document as much as possible, the reader will be a qualified law professional.

Some general writing tips:

  • Start with a blank page, you may read sample addendums but do not copy
  • Allow time for the job, you will want to revisit the piece before it is finalised.
  • Use three paragraphs, one is a clear statement of why the addendum has been submitted, two for details of your negative LSAT and your counter argument, three for concise personal data and a conclusion.
  • Be concise and factual
  • Stick with clear arguments, a long series of explanations will lose the reader’s attention and will not be convincing.
  • Have your document peer reviewed or edited professionally. Your addendum will be read by a very critical audience, proper English grammar, spelling and wording is paramount.

Our LSAT Addendum Products Are Affordable and of Guaranteed Quality

Contact us online and work directly with professional writers who understand law school application procedures and particularly how to write an LSAT addendum or GPA addendum which portrays you as a serious and well qualified candidate. Our value for money service and customer oriented staff guarantee your satisfaction plus the quality of our products with a full refund if you are not happy.

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