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Writing a GPA Addendum for Law School Application

In What Circumstances Should You Submit a Law School GPA Addendum?

gpa addendumThe GPA is a primary tool which law schools will use to evaluate your under graduate performance. In the competitive world of law school applications, particularly recognized institutions, you must be able to explain poor grades in particular subjects, a poor under graduate year, or a low GPA over all. Failure to do so in a well written law school addendum will harm your chances. Clearly and concisely your document has to give a good explanation for poor grades, or must contrast them with above average LSAT scores or several years of strong work experience. Many people do not know how to prepare a GPA type addendum and seek some guidance, we can help.

How to Prepare a Good GPA Addendum?

In this case we firstly ask whether the law school application addendum is required? Negative aspects in your GPA may be slight especially if contrasted with obvious good performance elsewhere. If you still think you have a glaring weakness, proactively answering any obvious questions in a good GPA addendum is necessary.

Secondly you must consider your counter argument or explanation for low GPA performance. Poor GPA and LSAT scores together, without reasons of personal hardship must be approached in a different way. A sustained period of relevant legally related work in a recognized company or government department is valuable in this situation. Excellent references from legal professionals can also be used to offset a low GPA.

Do not be afraid to seek help with your addendum, it can be a daunting task. Our educated and experienced staff can assist you in various ways, from providing you with an addendum example to stimulate your own ideas, proof reading and editing your piece, or writing a fresh document for you to edit and approve. Some guidelines for your addendum follow:

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes are not acceptable, poor English will damage your chances
  • Be concise and factual as if in a legal document
  • Use three paragraphs
  • One to state plainly why you are writing the addendum

Two to Detail the Facts

Three to briefly add any personal details and conclude:

  • Stick to one strong explanation, not a list which can start to sound like excuses
  • Never use slang, incorrect or abbreviated English, do not use flowery language.
  • Get friends and colleagues to check your piece, it’s worth it to find a single error.

Our Service Can Provide an Excellent GPA Addendum

Our post graduate educated staff know exactly how to write a high quality law school GPA addendum. Once you order online a writer is assigned to you and they will ask for the relevant details. Using their experience of the law school application process they will prepare a clear and concise LLM personal statement which best addresses any negative aspects to your GPA.  Countless students are enrolled in law schools each year with less than perfect grades; we can help you be one of them.

Our fellow up revision and editing service is second to none with satisfaction guaranteed! Get help with GPA addendum now!