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Successful Law School Addendum Sample

Why Reference a Law School Addendum Sample?

law school addendum samplePeople often find the information that fits on standard law school application forms does not fully explain certain topics. Requirements for law school are high and competition for places in good schools is fierce. Serious candidates know they need an excellently written addendum to explain any negative issues with their application or accentuate any positive legal experience. To get started with style and formatting our clients reference a top quality law school addendum sample tailored to them.

Types of Law School Addendum Example We Supply?

We tailor samples to each client and cater to all applications in English speaking countries, from home or foreign residents, to different legal qualifications. Professional writers supply an original law school addendum sample explaining issues similar to yours in appropriate style. We never encourage clients to copy samples but to use them as prompts for their own piece.

Sample Law School Addendum Cases

  • Character and fitness addendum

Law schools frequently require this as standard procedure and ask for any behavioral problems or a criminal record. Our samples show how to be concise, honest and factual in this type of addendum.

  • Gaps in your résumé

Many applicants have holes in their past due to circumstances away from education such as illness or accident, lack of finance or bereavement. Law school is a long and expensive commitment from which many people take a necessary break, for example to earn money. The school will understand this from a well written addendum.

  • Poor or inconsistent college GPA (Grade Point Average)

Students often see a drop in their grades at certain times. Address the poor grades or the time period when you did not perform at your best. Show that your GPA picked up again or show excellent LSAT results during the same period and that these best represent your ability.

  • Inconsistent LSAT (Law School Admission Test) scores

People often sit the LSAT test on several occasions prior to their law school application. If there may be questions about your results then address them in an addendum. Our law school addendum example will show how below average results can be detailed as isolated instances not representative of your overall knowledge.

  • Low TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) test results

Law school applications are received from students all over the world. The board must know your English skills are above average and a poor TOEFL result will cause concern. With our specific samples learn how to balance this negative with a positive like alternative English studies and crucially a perfectly written addendum.

  • Showing equivalence of your foreign examination results

A short addendum showing your foreign college is recognized and your degree has full equivalence in the country of your application can be helpful to the school selectors.

Try Our Online Law School Addendum Sample Service

For high quality addendum samples or personal statement LLM we are always available. With little notice can provide well written examples specific to your application. Quality is guaranteed and our documents always original.

Our service can help with a law school addendum sample so contact us now!