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Is It Odd to Mention Social Media in Law UCAS Personal Statement

For those who are applying for law UCAS, you will need to prove to the admissions officers that you are qualified for the program being offered. Aside from submitting your application form, resume, transcript of records, UCAS tariff scores, and letters of recommendation, you will also need to write a LLM personal statement that shows your qualifications. This may sound easy at first but not when you’ll have to prove that your skills and experiences are better than the others. Getting your hands on relevant samples is highly recommended so you will get an idea on how to write yours in a way that will win the approval of the admissions officers.

Social Media in Law UCAS Personal Statement: Is it Relevant?

There is no doubt that social media plays an important part in our society today but is it possible to link its usage in your personal statement? One idea on how you can integrate it in your paper is by describing the pros of social media such as convenience and connectivity as well as the cons like presence of cyber bullying and addiction. From here, you can tackle on how social media can be used in solving crimes or you can discuss the importance of having laws that can govern the digital world.

This is actually a good angle to talk about in your personal statement but you need to gather relevant facts first before you write your paper. Ask yourself if integrating social media into your statement is relevant or if it will be better discussed in another forum. Keep in mind that the personal statement is where you can get to talk about your strengths, your experiences, as well as your uniqueness so take the time to consider the possibilities of adding social media to your essay especially if you want to stand out among the crowd.

Social Media Tricks for Your Personal Statement for Law

personal statement for law help

Image credit: uml.edu

For sure you have been using your social media sites for personal use and most likely you have learned a thing or two about the goings on in the digital world. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few popular sites that are being used today but what is it about these sites that can make your UCAS law personal statement stand out?

  • Integrating LinkedIn posts about your experiences in the field of law:. Since the personal statement spans only a page or two, there may not be enough space to talk about your experiences. If you have shared some in your LinkedIn account, you can link it in your essay so your readers can check it out.
  • Using Facebook posts as samples: Facebook users tend to post freely when it comes to various issues whether personal or professional. These posts can be used as samples as long as they related to the study of law. You can explain your position about the law governing cyber crimes and the like in your essay especially if this is your field of interest.
  • Cyberbullying in Twitter:. There are quite a lot of instances where fans bully artists in Twitter. You can share insight on how you think this practice can be curbed.

Personalize Your Statement

If you want your law UCAS application to make an impression to your readers, you should put a lot of effort into writing your personal statement. You can make use of social media in your personal statement as long as you can integrate it well with the rest of your essay content.

Choose our writing service and we’ll deliver the best statement for your law UCAS fast!