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How to Write a Law School Addendum

What Is a Law School Addendum?

law school addendumWhen filling out forms for application many candidates feel that the rigid format prevents them including all the information they would like. People have personal details, gaps in their education or apparent deficiencies which they would like to explain further in their own words. These topics can be addressed in a short essay called the addendum law school. It is not meant to be an excuse but rather a concise explanation of legitimate reasons for any weakness in your application. The school admission board will judge each law school addendum not just on content but also quality of composition. Lawyers are professional writers and value words, therefore you must show high quality writing ability. Many people seek help with preparing this important document.

When and How to Write an Addendum for Law School Application?

Some candidates for law school have a unique issue they wish to explain in an addendum. Perhaps a gap in their education, or uncharacteristic poor grades in a particular subject or over a particular time period. Sickness, injury or handicap, bereavement, economic hardship and such are all legitimate causes for a temporary drop in usual standards. If you feel the selection board may have questions left unanswered by your LLM application papers, or your law related experience and abilities are not fully conveyed, then being pro-active and submitting a law school addendum is a solution. Our professional writers are experienced in preparing high quality addendums based on individual needs.

You must write an addendum for law school application which will be factual, concise, error free and address your issues in a positive and engaging way. You may have changed undergraduate course or college, been forced to take time off to earn money or due to long term illness. The board will understand the demands and struggles to qualify as a lawyer. They will want to see a well written explanation of the hurdles you have faced but not as an excuse. You should be positive about your experiences, how you overcome them, what you learnt from them, and that your commitment to a law school education is still strong. The tone should be objective, emotion and personality are not appropriate, it should be more of a statement, short and to the point.

How We Can Help with Your Law School Addendum?

Our native English speaking are all educated to Master’s or PhD level, are experienced in law school application processes, and know exactly how to prepare an addendum for law school application and how to write an LLM personal statement. Our online service is always available and includes providing sample addendums to clients, editing and proof reading, or a fully comprehensive one on one contact writing service. Your assigned writer will listen to the issues you want to explain and prepare an original addendum which is tailored to you and the particular law school. It can be reviewed and revised as often as you like before final proof reading and checking.

Our customer oriented and satisfaction guaranteed service is designed for your successful law school application so contact us now for a quality law school addendum!