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Getting into Master of Law Degree

How do you get into your dream master of law degree? For many lawyers globally, getting into one and eventually becoming successful on it is a great asset. A certification from a topnotch Canadian or US law school is an advantage for their part in terms of professional advancement and global credibility.
master of law degree

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What Does the LLM Law School Stand for?

LLM is from the word Legum Magister, which pertains or means Master of Laws (Latin). But maybe you’re asking, “What is the difference between LLM and JD? The LLM degree equates to global credibility; the JD career refers to practice law in the US.

How Long Is an LLM program?

It is a year of fulltime study or it can also be two years of part-time study.

What test are required from the applicants? The typical requirements include a first degree in law; this is a mandate for admission in an LLM program. The applicants must be US-educated for their JD degree or he or she must also be internationally-accredited in first degree in law from his or her origin country.

Discover how to craft a professional LSAT addendum here!

What Are Needed to Apply for Master of Law Degree?

  1. An online application form complete with personal details: Get started on this one earlier so that you can beat the deadline as well as ensure your requirements to submit are of stellar quality and impressive, including your resume and personal statement.
  2. A CV or resume: This has to be written in a manner that will best speak about your assets and best qualifications to enter the LLM. You should keep it to one page and ensure that wording used is strong enough to capture the attention of the readers.
  3. Transcripts of records
  4. Recommendation letters: You should ask your referrers about one earlier to ensure that you will receive them on time and that the referrers will be able to have enough time in writing.
  5. Personal statements: writing a successful LLM personal statement is truly vital.
  6. Application fees
  7. English language certification

There you have what to know about an LLM program if you want to become a master and not only a professional in law practice. Prepare the requirement earlier and ensure that they are of excellent quality to increase your chances of landing an interview.

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