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FAQ: How to Write a Personal Statement for Law

Applicants often ask us how to write a personal statement for law school, and we’re always happy to give them the answers that they need. Those who want to learn a little more about this are encouraged to ask. We’ve compiled a list, however, of the things that people tend to ask us about the most and hope that they might be of some help.

Frequent Queries Asked to Us about How to Write a Personal Statement for Law

When should written statements be turned in?

There is usually a date published to have them in by, and this date should be viewed as permanent. As well as this, some institutions have students turn them in with the rest of their application material.

How should law statements be typeset?

Generally the same standard typesetting rules that influence typesetting of other school documents should be followed. Ideally this is the same for written personal statements regardless of academic discipline, but law boards tend to be a little stricter.

What’s the best way to learn how to write a law school personal statement material?

Study existing material: there’s no better way and this is also the best way to figure out what review boards are looking for.

Do law program review boards publish their criteria?

Sometimes they actually will, which gives students the opportunity to actually figure out what these groups are genuinely looking for. If the information is public it does help to follow it quite a bit.

Can I exceed the word count?

It’s best to neither exceed nor undercut the word count when making a written statement, though some mileage may vary.

Asking New Questions about How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School

Students who need to know how to write personal statement for law school can always get in touch with our organization. There’s always someone ready to tackle whatever queries anyone sends us. That’s why people keep coming back to our portal every time they want to know something. We’ll give them then content they need.

Need to help with law school personal statement? Leave it to us, we guarantee the best result!