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7 Worst Mistakes in Writing an Addendum for Law School

What Not to Do When Writing an Addendum

writing an addendumWriting an addendum for a law school application is a chance to neatly remove any doubts the school may have about you. A badly prepared or poorly organized piece however will raise more doubts about you being a serious applicant. Our online writing service staff prepare our documents to client specifics but use certain guidelines as they work.

How to Write Addendum: Tips

Before starting work you may find it useful to read about seven mistakes we try to avoid:

  1. Writing an addendum when it is not necessary or appropriate – Unless there is a glaring weakness in your application do not write an addendum. The admission board will check your test scores and see for themselves if poor results in one area are made up for elsewhere. If there is a clear issue then you must have a good explanation or strong counter argument before you commit to writing the addendum.
  2. Breaking application guidelines – Some law schools are strict about when and in what format they wish addendum statements to be submitted. Certain variance in your GPA or LSAT scores does not require explanation for example. There can also be requests regards font, type size, number of words or pages, signature plus date on each page. Always try to comply with the format in your personal statement LLM.
  3. Not being familiar with how to write addendum documents – A serious student will research format and content requirements for their piece, some will seek professional help. They realise that a well written, clear and concise addendum is a crucial part of their legal career. The admissions board will view it that way and any amateurish or sloppy work will be seen badly.
  4. Poor writing and grammar – The selectors will all be law professionals who know how to write an addendum to a letter. They will hope to see a certain legal style, factual and concise, and absolutely no spelling errors, bad grammar or wording
  5. Too long – Try to keep your LSAT addendum as brief as possible, be factual and concise. Its a chance to impress with a well thought out legal type essay. Three paragraphs is a good starting point, one to say why the addendum is being submitted, two for the facts, and three for the conclusion or brief personal sentences.
  6. Too many excuses – Always remember an addendum is not an excuse, it must not read like on, and trying to use a list of excuses is worse. Always be positive about how you faced and overcame problems or periods of poor performance and what you learnt.
  7. Do not work alone – Ask friends and colleagues or get professional help throughout the process. You can get stale looking at the same piece for too long. Get friends to proof read and help with editing. The addendum will be better if you do.

Our online service can help you to avoid these and other pitfalls. With example addenda, editing and reviewing, or fully comprehensive writing, our clients are guaranteed a customized top quality addendum for the law school application.

Contact us now for quality assistance if you get struck with writing an addendum!